Impact Leadership Communication

We coach executives to be convincing and memorable by crafting compelling, relevant ideas and delivering them with Power and Engagement. Individuals invest in understanding exactly what it takes to be at the top of their game, learning how to use communication to make a good idea a reality. 


Power ~ Through one-on-one coaching and small group workshops, we improve your ability to own the room; to look and sound like a leader. Executives leave our training with the power to excite and motivate teams — and captivate listeners.

Engagement ~ Great communicators truly care about the success of their teams and their listeners. Their intention is, "I'm here to make a difference and you are critical to our success." Executives learn the important balance between focusing internally to ensure you say what you want to say, remaining calm under pressure, and connecting with each individual.


2-Day Impact Leadership Communication Program

In our business conversations, we want to maximize our impact — and that means projecting executive presence. Through a series of coaching exercises, we guide each participant to practice the four key behaviors necessary for executive presence.

Day 1: This is a video feedback program, so we start with an assessment of your strengths and challenges. Then we help you apply the four behaviors to your individual style of speaking, to ensure you retain your own personality. We use theatre exercises to help you discover what you need to own your space and get your listeners involved. By the end of Day 1, your films will show the difference these behaviors make. You will see a more powerful and engaged communicator.

Day 2: The second day is dedicated to applying the principles you learned to communicate your specific content. When your business content is sticky, and listener focused, you can accelerate the results you want. One of the most successful ways to make communication more memorable is by using storytelling principles. Borrowing from the world of cinema, we teach you how to structure an oral story to create vivid, memorable scenes. The final filming demonstrates the difference a well coached, highly trained communicator can achieve: Riveting content with powerful delivery.

2-Day Impact Leadership Communication is $16,000 for up to 10 individuals; plus facilitator travel expenses. This program is tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

Please note: We also offer a 1-Day Impact Leadership Communication workshop. This program is an abbreviated version of our 2-Day and can be custom built upon request. The fee is $8,000 for up to 10 individuals; plus facilitator travel expenses.


Effective communication is integral to business results. Whether you are launching a program or product, convincing stakeholders and decision makers, or eliciting approval, the way you impact your listeners will be critical to your success.

We offer 4-hour individual coaching for executives who need help preparing content and rehearsing prior to high visibility communication engagements.

Private coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area is $2,000 for 4 hours. Work delivered out of the area is $4,000 for the entire day.






Are you up against a challenge not addressed in our core offerings? Let's design exactly what you need, when you need it – what we refer to as, just in time coaching. As a consultancy, we are committed to your unique communications. We help organizations with executive briefing sessions, short list bids, product launches, sales kickoffs, annual and worldwide conferences, board meetings, seed funding, virtual meetings, and more.

Fees vary depending on scope of work.