Danny and his team at SCG have coached our senior executives for Dreamforce and many of our significant communication events. Their Impact Leadership Communication workshop consistently ranks as the best program participants have ever taken. I’ve seen incredible transformations in our executives’ ability to communicate after taking it.

- Andrea Leszek, EVP & COO of Technology, Salesforce

I've been speaking to large groups and leading for decades, yet my time with Danny taught me far more about public speaking than I knew before. He helped me master key strategies that have made a huge difference in how I communicate.  

- Lane Rankin, Former CEO, Illuminate

My team sits at the intersection of highly technical work and business needs from marketing, biz dev, and executive leadership. We face the unique challenge of converting complex topics into narratives that can be easily consumed by a general audience. Bob’s 2-Day workshop has provided my team of 20+ product management professionals with the skills they need to communicate product vision clearly in a way that moves our whole organization forward. The transformation I observed in each member of the team from the start of Day One to the Storytelling session on Day Two was awesome to experience!

- Quincy Carroll, Chief Product Officer, Crunchyroll (a Warner Media Entertainment company)

Tech Labs relationship with SCG has been a game changer. We've worked with other vendors & used internal trainers but this elite firm is special. They're nimble which lets us customize, yet they never deviate from their core philosophy of focusing on existing individual strengths and creating great content for our listeners. Whether it's a proactive group workshop, a one-on-one private session for an executive, or preparation for a specific initiative, SCG delivers every time.

- Mary Hamilton, Managing Director, Accenture Technology Labs 

I had the opportunity of attending the 2-Day Impact Leadership Communication workshop run by Bob Scirpo. Whilst I have been presenting for a number of years, the learnings, techniques and effectiveness of this program, have transformed my public speaking. The feedback from colleagues, customers and friends has been amazing. Delivering sentences to minds, the impactful nature of my approach and the compelling way of telling a story has given me a whole new energy and passion for speaking in public. Without a doubt, this course ranks as one of the best for any executive who is looking to communicate more effectively. Bob’s passion and delivery of the course are inspiring.

- Ben Bulpett, EMEA Identity Platform Director, SailPoint Technologies, Inc.


Danny provides the foundation, techniques, and coaching that is essential to becoming a compelling, engaging, and highly effective public speaker. To truly connect with an audience - whether in a conference room setting or keynote auditorium - a speaker must move beyond expository dialogue and place their audience in the center of their story. Bringing together the best lessons from psychology, theatre, and business, Danny's coaching methodology empowers every speaker to go beyond merely explaining their field of expertise to moving minds.

- Mark Woollen, SVP of Product, Platform and Partner Marketing, Zendesk, Inc.


Danny is a huge asset to my team and has helped all of us be more confident, engaging speakers. With his psychological background, he gives unique, insightful feedback which points directly to the areas where you need to focus. Whether you are an experienced communicator or just starting out, there is so much you can learn from Danny's approach.

- Sara Varni, CMO, Twilio Inc.


Where the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Teams are world class athletes and amongst the best in the world, Danny Slomoff has shown, them, myself and our staff how to deliver a world class message. His methodologies and teaching have converted challenging speakers into compelling presenters who can now deliver emotionally the passion, excellence and drive that they have mastered in their sport. He transformed reserved gold medalists into riveting stage performers captivating audiences as they share their amazing journey to the very top of the world.

- Tiger Shaw, CEO, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association


SCG is a great partner. Whether it's a group workshop or one-on-one coaching, they listen to what we need and craft accordingly. The feedback from my teams is outstanding! Our people emerge from SCG sessions with more control, confidence and a mindset of organizing for the listener.

- Cori Ekman, VP of Human Resources, The Kudelski Group


Danny's ongoing work with our partnership highlights the importance of storytelling. Stories are powerful tools and we're now more conscious of how to use them in significant conversations with our clients, partners and investors.

- Hilary Gosher, Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners


Danny is the most amazing CEO coach I have worked with! His insights into people, communication issues and how to get the right message across has been extremely valuable to me and my organization.

- Grant McCargo, CEO, Bio-Logical Capital and Urban Villages 


We look for every opportunity to recommend that our top clients work with Danny for their more advanced public speaking coaching needs. His personal approach and ability to bring out the best in every speaker ensures he gets measurable results every time.

- Joan Bennet, President, Bennet Group Strategic Communications


An invaluable asset to the executive team at Sojern. Danny's work has directly led to a more informed, and thus aligned, company and a clear position in the marketplace.

- Mark Rabe, CEO, Sojern

Bob jumped in to assist at very short notice and made a huge impact. The end result was great and the way to get there with him was so much easier and faster than we thought it would be. Bob gave us the structure of great storytelling so we moved from a “presentation” to a powerful story. He then managed in a very few focused meetings to make me feel comfortable telling the story to an audience as if I’m sharing it with my friends. For me this was an amazing and inspiring experience, I actually had fun!

- Eyal Feldman, CEO & Co-Founder, Stampli


Danny's ability to connect with me and the team of people I had him work with, provoke us when we weren't reaching deep enough, and push us to see our potential is unparalleled.

- Mona Sabet, Founder, Hipower